Welder tacking a bead throwing sparks on a new metal art sculpture piece

Handcrafted Metal Brilliance

Railroad Spike Art

Made in Pennsylvania

Unique Metal Art: No Two Pieces Alike

Delve into the world of our handcrafted metal art, where each piece tells its own story. Crafted with passion and precision, our metal artworks are as unique as your taste. No two creations are the same – every sculpture is a singular expression of artistry and craftsmanship. Ready to explore how we transform metal into bespoke art? Click below to uncover the journey of each unique masterpiece.

Looking for something specific?

We have many additional models available that are not on our site. We also offer custom pieces. Contact us - we would be happy to craft what you are looking for!

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About Roland Metal Art

Roland Metal Art is a family-run business based out of Pennsylvania creating unique, handcrafted sculptures from recycled steel. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art, built with passion and American-made tools. Meet Roland Sr. and his son Roland Jr., the talented artists behind these heirloom-quality sculptures. Explore their work and discover the perfect piece to bring your home to life.