Welcome to Roland Metal Art, a family-run business where passion for metal transforms into unique and enduring sculptures. Our story began with Roland Paronish Sr., who has always held a creative spark. What started as crafting sculptures for his family as a hobby blossomed into a full-time business in the 1990s.

From Steel Mills to Artistry

Roland Sr. had a union welding background in the steel mills, but in the 90’s, the jobs shut down, and the mills left the state. This pivotal moment led him to take a gamble on his creative abilities to make a living. Christmas time holds a special significance in our family's story, marking the period when Roland Sr. was laid off from the mills. With limited income and the festive season of giving upon him, he was determined to provide for his family in the only way he could. He turned to the skills he learned as a kid; gathering materials from the garage, he wielded his torch to create homemade gifts. This ingenuity and determination laid the foundation for what Roland Metal Art would become.

A Legacy Built on Family and Steel

Today, Roland Sr. continues his artistic journey alongside his talented son, Roland Jr. Together, they travel the East Coast, venturing as far as Canada and St. Louis Missouri, showcasing their creations at art and craft shows. Witnessing their dedication firsthand, you'll understand why each Roland Metal Art sculpture is more than just metal – it's a piece of their family legacy.

Uniquely Crafted, One-of-a-Kind Art

We believe in the power of handcrafted artistry. Every sculpture is meticulously made by hand, utilizing American-made tools and machinery. We source recycled steel whenever possible, ensuring each piece is not only beautiful but environmentally responsible. Unlike mass-produced art, our sculptures boast a unique character, no two being exactly alike. They tell a story, waiting to be discovered by you.

The Spirit of Christmas: A Reminder of Our Roots 

Christmas-time orders hold a special place in our hearts. Each one is a poignant reminder of the season that changed our family’s fate and of the gratefulness we feel for how far we’ve come. These orders don’t just represent sales; they resonate with the spirit of that very first Christmas when Roland Sr. turned adversity into opportunity.

More Than Just a Sale 

At Roland Metal Art, we're passionate about connecting with our customers. We take pride in the joy our sculptures bring to families and homes. Whether you're browsing our website or encountering us at a show, feel free to reach out. We'd love to chat about our creative process, answer any questions you might have, or help you find the perfect piece that speaks to you.

We invite you to explore our collections and discover the difference that handcrafted, heirloom-quality metal art can make. Join us in celebrating a story of resilience, creativity, and the enduring power of family.

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